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In search of home: Holger Gutt about the movie

Holger Gutt - Writer & Producer


The longing for a feeling of home led me to search for traces of my roots. After some research, discussions with my parents and encounters with Transylvanian culture, it was clear to me: I have to travel to Romania. In the village where my ancestors lived for many centuries, I wanted to find answers that would bring me closer to my homeland.


I wanted to experience the trip together with my father. At that time he left his parents' house and friends behind to find a new home in Germany. He hasn't been there for many years. Our goal was to visit exactly this place. A new world for me. For my father a confrontation with the past.


As soon as I felt the first impulse to investigate the question of my identity, I put together a team to document it. At that time I didn't even know what to expect on the trip. But I knew it was going to change my life. Today I know so many people with the same longing. Not just Transylvanian Saxons. I would like to inspire all of them with the film and provide an impetus to exchange ideas with those around you.

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